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Jul 22, 2021


Trace the trajectory of your involvement with your children. When they are infants and toddlers, you are committed to full time taking care of your darling child. As they grow older and go to school, you may not be in close proximity, but you will still be protective and show concern that your child craves and likes. The shift occurs when they are a bit older and may view such protective love as overbearing and intrusive. However, about 12 to 17 years is also crucial for their personal growth and academic success. How do you strike a fine balance of keeping close tabs and helping your child succeed without giving the impression of meddling and creating resentment? Children in this age group do not like being “bugged” all the time. It can have a rebound, negative impact. Give them freedom, and they are likely to neglect studies. Modern systems like the parent communication app in the school ERP system your child’s school uses help maintain a fine balance and contribute to your child’s success.  


Parents are likely to ask their children for reports and be aggressively overbearing and pushy to good children to keep their studies in the normal course. This can negatively impact, and children can deliberately lose interest in studies or put aside learning problems. So, how do you know about your child’s scores, strong points, and weaknesses without asking them all the time? The solution is to use the parent communication app in the School Management System. You receive reports directly in your inbox. You know in which subjects your child is doing well or lags. You receive exam reports, and teachers too will show concern by sending you messages or guidance. 

You can use these inputs to ask your child about difficulties they face in some subjects and then take steps to engage a tutor or get them more study materials that make the topic engaging. Your child may not express it, but if they are weak in some subjects, they too are likely to feel frustrated and depressed. Like a wise parent, you help in the background instead of directly and overbearingly putting pressure on them to do well. This will show in results.


A parent communication app is a great tool for parent-teacher interaction and communication. There are several ways this app is of use to teachers and parents.

If your child has done especially well in class or taken part in a quiz and emerged successfully, you receive a notification to that effect.

  • Conversely, teachers also monitor student performance. If there are areas of concern, it is easy for them to use the app to hold a long talk with the parents and suggest remedies to remedy the situation. 
  • Teachers monitor all students and then hold parent-teacher meetings in person or schedule a virtual meeting to increase teacher-parent engagement that will empower parents to give their children the right support and guidance. 
  • This promotes better coordination and cordial relations between parents and teachers. This is conducive to a better flow of information and engagement from both sides in the students’ progress. This is immensely beneficial as a 2003 analysis survey by Public Agenda showed that 65 percent of teachers and 72 percent of parents believe that students will do better if parents and teachers coordinate.
  • Your child could have issues not related to studies at all, such as bullying. This could have an adverse impact on their sense of wellbeing and interest in attending school. A significant interaction between parents and teachers can help overcome such emotional and social issues.
  • If children are not submitting homework regularly, teachers can talk with parents, and parents can follow up.
  • Teenage students may play truant and miss class without their parents being aware. In this case, too, teachers can discreetly communicate such occurrences to parents. This type of engagement leads to absenteeism dropping by 20%. 

Discrete background monitoring can greatly enhance parent knowledge and help them to find ways to help their students overcome issues and do well in their studies. In addition, better and different communication channels in the app are conducive to frequent and regular engagement. For teachers, it is a snap to use voicemail instead of using the keyboard, for instance.


It is usually the norm rather than an exception that both parents work and are so busy with work and home life that they have little time to keep track of their children or get in touch. Children may feel neglected. Parent communication is just perfect for overcoming this obstacle. There are times when you may want to get in touch with your child due to some circumstances such as pouring rain and the possibility of waterlogging or any other such situations to show concern and take action. Likewise, your child may wish to contact you from school or while on the way. The app gives one-touch access to your child. You can video call and set your mind at rest or take action.  Show concern and care for your child, which will positively impact relationships and their studies. 

With the MyEdu app, you have access to various modules such as fees payment, events, exam results, and communications, to mention a few. Thus, you are never out of the loop, and you do not have to directly ask your child about their study status or any other matter. Instead, you get background data to help you plan and engage better with your child for their best performance in studies and overall personality growth. Register for a free demo of MyEdu today at

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