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Jul 22, 2021


School Management Systems are gaining traction as technology gains ground and a tech-savvy generation welcomes digital transformations. The benefits of school management systems such as MyEdu are so obvious that management cannot afford to stay away from implementation. Still, the scope and extent of features of such school management solutions vary. It is not easy to find a system like MyEdu that is comprehensive and covers virtually all aspects, especially including a teacher-parent communication app to ensure the best outcomes for students. 


MyEdu is perhaps one of the best school management systems out there, akin to an enterprise-level ERP solution used in business. You have modules covering all aspects of school and education operations, including features you will not find, such as a distinct teacher-parent communication app as part of the bundle. Why is this so important? We will touch upon it later. First, a peek into the comprehensive feature set of the MyEdu school management system. You get a desktop-based on-premise solution whose usability is further extended by apps that can be used on smartphones. 


No more manual attendance and maintaining registers when you have the MyEdu system in place for school attendance. You can implement attendance for students and employees and teaching staff using various components like cards or biometrics and keep records segregated. MyEdu goes beyond adding a bit of smartness to keep track of each one’s attendance record and derive information from it. It also differs in that you can use a teacher-parent communication app to inform parents if students are found to be skipping classes or are otherwise irregular and resolve this issue. The same app can be used to inform parents about holidays, events, celebrations, and changes to timings or sudden closure of school due to rains or unforeseen circumstances. 


MyEdu comprehensively covers student-side operations at a granular level. Each student can access records of attendance, timetable, and study courses. In addition, they can take online tests, do their homework, pick and complete projects and keep track of reports and evaluations. Teachers and school authorities may communicate results to parents using the teacher-parent communication app and resolve issues, if there are any, to help students to do better. 


Coming as it does from the stables of experts in enterprise-grade VoIP-based communication software development, MyEdu includes a complete communication suite, including the teacher-parent communication app that teachers and parents can use on their mobiles to make interaction easy. You enjoy SMS from within the MyEdu school management system. You can send faxes if you like. You can email from within the app and engage in audio-video chats. Teachers and students have video conferencing, ideal for conducting tutoring sessions and for live debates. Principals and teachers can use the same system to make real-time announcements to students and parents wherever they may be located. What is more, the system maintains logs of all such interactions for future records and analysis. 


Since all modules are tightly integrated, what you get is seamless administration. Management, for example, has an overview and oversight of all that is going on in the teacher’s module, financial module, student module, and others such as transport. Talking of transport, most schools offer transportation. MyEdu includes a comprehensive real-time GPS tracking system for a higher level of student safety and keeps parents informed through the teacher-parent communication app. 

Whether it is a school or a college, it depends on revenues through fees to keep it going. MyEdu offers a superior fee management module accessible by authorized employees, teachers, students, and parents. The administration side can keep track of fees and port fees to accounting and automate reminders to parents through the teacher-parent communication app. Parents can then pay online through the app and receive a receipt in confirmation. 


One area where MyEdu stands out is the ease of use. The more comprehensive and complex your school management system, the tougher it may be for users to find out how to carry out functions. What happens then is that users will not make full use of the system’s features. With MyEdu, it is different. Users will find the interface intuitive and can become familiar in less than a day. 


Now, a closer look at the teacher-parent communication app module in the MyEdu school management system: 

  • The app itself is comprehensive and works on any operating platform offering features such as notifications, announcements, schedule, attendance, assignment, transportation, exams, results, to-do lists, and more. Parents can have a complete overview of their child’s performance and identify issues for resolution with teachers. 
  • Teachers and the school administration side can send circulars and notices to parents about events, holidays, child’s exam results, and reports. 
  • Importantly, parents can use the app to communicate and stay in touch with their children to know their whereabouts. Enable GPS, and you know exactly where your child is located. 
  • Parents receive updates on timetables so that they can prepare for the next day. 


When you opt for comprehensive school or college management systems, you must have excellent support and training plus a customization facility. This is included in the MyEdu package. Importantly, you have access to continuing upgrades and maintenance, so your system keeps ticking over smoothly like a well-oiled machine, in step with the times. 

MyEdu includes elements of artificial intelligence to make school management smarter and less effort-intensive. You will have no regrets should you pick it above the others. 

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