Even before you join Dirigible Technologies, we keep your best interests in mind. So we would like you to be aware of the unscrupulous individuals and placement agencies that are fraudulently enticing job seekers by promising them career opportunities at Dirigible Technologies.

However, please note that we only work with agencies who are authorized by us, also known as our Preferred Recruitment Partners.


A fake offer letter is one that uses public domain IDs (, @yahoo, etc.) or have a fake email address to communicate with you. Regardless of which email ID it comes from, the fraudulent companies running these scams will usually demand a fee in exchange of the offer/interview with Dirigible and request your personal information, like bank account details, PIN numbers, etc. Usually, it gives an invalid interview location and phone numbers, lacks a proper salutation, and is filled with grammatical and spelling errors, and/or provides sample offers along with the e-mail.

Dirigible, its subsidiaries and preferred recruitment partners NEVER ask for any fee in exchange for offer letters or interview calls, such as

  • Recruitment fee
  • Processing fee
  • Security deposit
  • Software or Equipment Charges

We do not ask for any confidential or personal information such as bank account number, personal details etc.

All offer related communications are sent from an official Dirigible email ID or from our Preferred Recruitment Partners ONLY and all the offers are posted on the candidate access portals. They can be accessed only through a unique ID and password provided to the candidate.

If you suspect a fake offer letter, report it immediately to:

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