Sustainable Technology Services:

It involves a combination of strategies and practices aimed at reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and promoting environmentally responsible decision-making within the IT industry.
We are all facing probably the most intractable sustainability challenges impacting the planet and organizations, both big and small. As a growing technology company, we recognize our role and responsibility to play a part in managing and resolving these pressures. As part of our Business to Planet philosophy, we have developed a portfolio of services, designed to navigate the hurdles and at the same time, build in innovation and sustainable performance at scale. 

What we do to sustainability in technology.

Driving sustainability strategy and governance
Meeting the many challenges of achieving greater sustainability for your business requires vision and a coordinated approach. We help you to develop a practical and pragmatic roadmap that embeds measurable commitments, engages your employees, customers, and suppliers, and delivers tangible value for stakeholders and the planet.

Developing sustainable products
For manufacturers, there is increased pressure – from consumers, shareholders, and regulators – to create products that generate less CO2 emissions, use less water and energy, and keep waste generation to a minimum. We use our engineering expertise to redesign and configure your products – whether vehicles, airplanes, or packaged food and drink – focusing on sustainable materials, cost constraints, reusability, and proper management of waste to achieve sustainable development and solutions.

Reengineering for sustainable operations, manufacturing, and supply chain
Scope 3 emissions represent a large percentage of a manufacturer’s emissions, emanating from right across the supply chain – from design and procurement to distribution. Involving activities in and outside a company’s control, are hard to track and report. We help clients meet this complex challenge through reengineering supply chains, lifecycle assessments, energy efficiency, and smart data collection.

Migrating to sustainable technology
Often overlooked, we know that sustainable IT needs to be designed and planned for, and implemented, to reduce the environmental impact of IT operations across an organization. We help our clients evaluate the purchase, use, management, and disposal of IT devices and equipment, champion sustainability through employee engagement, and move towards a greater take up of environmentally sustainable technologies.

Maximizing Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) management and reporting
Only through harnessing the power of data across your entire ecosystem will you clearly understand the environmental impact of your business. But tracking that data is hard. We help you collate the data you need, analyze and evaluate, monitor your progress, and report on your ESG performance with confidence – to your customers, shareholders, and regulatory bodies.

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