Financial Technology (FinTech)

Mobile Insure: This solution offers protection, security and guarantee for smartphones aga

New Agriculture Technology

E-Agric This is is a suite of solutions designed to connect, provide information and bo

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services Leading digital marketing agency focused on successfully exp

ICT Infrastructure

We offer all the service and support you need to start and maintain smooth IT Operations f

Websites Design & Dev.

Dirigible professional team of innovative designers and developers are the best at what th

Hardware Supply & Config.

We can provide your business with the complete IT hardware it needs and configuration serv

Mobile Apps Development

More people access the web via mobile devices than from personal computers. As the number

Telematics Technology

Connected car technology is quickly reshaping the future of the global automotive industry

Cloud Computing

A cloud application, or cloud app, is a software program whe

Voice Communication & Video Conference

Voice communication systems are methods of communication between two parties via the mediu


Business Solutions

This is one of the sections that this technological company is mostly involved with. In a fast-paced country like Nigeri...

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Agricultural Management Solutions

With increasing emphasis and clamour from various quarters that most African countries return to the root for their expe...

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Art And Entertainment Solutions

The world of art and entertainment has grown over the years to be very dependent on technology. Just like sports, the en...

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Educational Solutions

In a world where technology has affected almost all areas of our individual lives, it is no news that technology has als...

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Financial Solutions

Dirigible has involved itself in the financial sector of the digital economy. The company has shown great resolve t...

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Government Solutions

As machinery in which the administration and proper functioning of the society lies, the government recognizes the impor...

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High Tech Solutions

Dirigible has shown an exclusive distinction by not limiting itself to the ground level technology but  rising abov...

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Corporate And SME Solutions

The world of corporate operations and SMEs (small and medium enterprises) have had a lot of significant innovative impac...

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Manufacturing And Production Solutions

Manufacturing and technology have been two inseparable sectors in the world in which technology has not only brought not...

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Media And Communication Solutions

Over the years, the media have gone through a lot of stages from slow information transmission, excruciating work time, ...

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Medical And Health Care Solutions

The medical world is one that has had a major advancement with the introduction of technology to its activities, as tech...

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Transportation Management Solutions

The impact of technology in the world of transportation is one that still amazes people. Technology has made innovative ...

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